Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Southern Utah

Trav and I spent Memorial weekend in Southern Utah, and I finally had time to put together a little slide show of our digital camera pics. All of my Polaroids are in my Flickr photostream, with lots more toy camera photos to come. We spent our first night in Panguitch, at the aptly named Panguitch KOA. We rolled into town at 10 pm, and by 6:30 the next morning, we were on the road into Bryce, so unfortunately, we can't tell you if Panguitch was a nice town or not. Trav said the coffee from the Sinclair blew. We stopped at Ruby's to grab some breakfast foods and drove on into Bryce and stopped to eat at the first viewpoint which I can't remember the name of. Trav stayed in Bryce and hiked 15+ straight-down/straight-up miles while I went off to work for the Forest Service. I saw some really beautiful places that I never would have known about otherwise.

We met up in Bryce later that evening and drove out for dinner at Bryce Pines, a place our friend Kelly recommended. It was delicious. After pork chops and a steak and apple pie, we drove to Cannonville and spent the night at the Cannonville KOA, perhaps the world's finest campground ever. We want to live there and be camp hosts! There's a photo of one of the host's RVs in the slideshow. We spent Saturday at Kodachrome Basin State Park, and another night at the KOA. Sunday we drove up US 12 to Torrey and Capitol Reef, two little places we fell in love with and can't wait to visit again. We didn't do much hiking due to the rain and the trails we wanted to hike were closed because of flash flood danger. Sunday afternoon we were able to hike the Hickman Bridge Trail, and Monday morning we hiked Grand Wash. There are lots of photos from Grand Wash in the slideshow. It was gorgeous!

We had a really fun trip and look forward to going back again.

I used Photobucket for the slideshow and it's giving me extreme grief, so please enjoy the slideshow as its own separate post. Argh!