Friday, March 21, 2008

Road Trip: Moab

We hit the road last Friday night on a whim and road tripped to Moab for some much needed spring sunshine. We spent two days hiking in Arches National Park where we overheard "Well, I forgot you're a rocket surgeon!" at our picnic lunch, saw a child climb about 100 feet up a sandstone fin while his entire extended family ignored him, chastised a parent for encouraging her son to carve his name into redrock (not one but five times), got slightly sunburned faces, laughed our asses off at pretty much everything, sang along to loud Guster car concerts, enjoyed really good Mexican food and margaritas, and drove far away from home and snow and cold temperatures.

Trav standing beneath the North Window

Delicate Arch trail

A self-timer shot of us near Sandstone Arch

Many, many more on our Flickr page.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

"They have music!"

With the launch of Kevin and JoDell's family blog, and the fact that "they have music", Travis prodded me all week to put music on ours. So in case anyone is still even looking at our blog, you'll notice it's now accompanied by the likes of Yonder Mountain String Band, The Be Good Tanyas and Widespread Panic. Take a looksee at our playlist way down below and hear what we like to hear.