Monday, July 14, 2008

The Dancing Hippopotamus

Katie, Cass, Trav and I spent a lovely Sunday together, first at the Blue Plate for breakfast, then disc golf at Solitude, and dinner at Porcupine. After using Solitude's rental discs all last year and once this year, we finally bit the bullet and bought our own. I went to Play It Again Sports Saturday and found Cass a very special birthday disc, a brand new pink TeeRex distance driver that she named The Dancing Hippopotamus. For me and Trav, I bought four used discs, all distance drivers, and they all kick ass. My favorite is my beat up white TeeBird that the previous owner drew someone flipping the bird on, and the Orc, that we named Old Blue. Trav used the yellow Valkyrie, dubbed Old Yeller, and the tie-dye disc.

Here they all are, including the rental discs that we returned yesterday...

The underwear/cheap Mardi Gras bead tree on the side of the lift at Solitude

Katie, Cass, and Trav all looking for their discs on hole #2

This is how Trav, Cass, and Katie throw their discs
This is how I throw mine Thanks for a really great day!

And let it be known that these will be the last photos we'll ever take with the POS digi cam that surprisingly lasted us a long time. After dropping it off the lift at Solitude last August, accidentally dropping it, purposely dropping it, and having the battery compartment mysteriously stop shutting in Zion (hence the tape), not to mention all the times it just plain didn't work, we've retired it. Please welcome our newest camera, the Olympus 850 SW. I spent a lot of time researching this new camera and felt that it would serve us well for two reasons: the "S" stands for Shockproof, and the "W" stands for Waterproof (remember our previous digital camera that took a swim and died?). I'm so excited about this little camera. It takes videos with sound, does underwater videos and photos, and has a bunch of other technical features I won't bore you with. So, here she is, the Oly 8-fiddy!

Mt. Nebo

What started out as a supposed 9-mile roundtrip hike to Mt. Nebo quickly turned into a disillusioned ass-kicking fest. Trav researched the Mt. Nebo trail on LocalHikes and felt confident that the information he found was mostly accurate -- we've never been misled before -- and headed south for a therapeutic hike Saturday morning.

His problems began when he got to Payson and found that the freeway exit on his directions didn't exist. He improvised and went to grab some trail mix at the Maverik because, well, it's adventure's first stop, only to find that they were out. He went to Macey's podunk grocery store next and the only redeeming value of the whole store was that they were playing "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" by good ol' Cher when she wasn't a plastic computerized creepette.

Trav then drove up the canyon and to the trailhead, only to find that there was trash laying everywhere. He said it was disgusting and rude, so he picked all of it up and tied it up in a trash bag and stowed it in the car. He grabbed his pack and headed to the trailhead sign, and that's when the major problem hit. The d-bag who wrote the Mt. Nebo info on LocalHikes was severely misinformed. The Mt. Nebo trail is nowhere near 9 miles roundtrip. It's 11. EACH WAY.
After waiting around for a group of annoying asses to leave the trailhead, Trav headed out on the now 11-mile trail.
Although his morning started out so oddly, he enjoyed some beautiful scenery and some much-needed solitude...

This is as close as Trav got to the peak......because the trail suddenly disappeared and an all-out bushwack began. Tired, hot, and left only with enough water to get back out, Trav turned around and disappointedly ambled back out to the car. He called me from the road and after saying "Hello?" I heard, "Nebo - 1, Travis - zip." He walked in the door an hour later and said, "Honey, I just got my ass handed to me by a mountain."