Saturday, April 28, 2007

James, The Mighty Paintballer

Here are a couple of James, doing one of the many things he does best, up in the lovely city of Pocatello, Idaho a couple of weeks ago. Go James!

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Behold: The Dehydrator... part 1

As if you all cared, we are now the proud owners of a food dehydrator. Who knew that this was one of the many items in REI's catalog?! We're really excited and wanted to share our first drying experience. Stay tuned for the results! Tomorrow's fun: Watermelon!







Monday, April 23, 2007

Katie at Camp

Here are a few pics of Katie's camp world. It's so pretty!

Katie and Norman on the camp property

Katie's house

Katie's office

on the property

on the property

Steph's Photos in Salt Lake Visitor's Guide!

Back in January and February, I worked with the Salt Lake Convention and Visitor's Bureau on a few photos for their new Spring/Summer 2007 Salt Lake Visitor's Guide (and actually got paid to do it!) and last week, it hit the stands.

Here's the cover, which I didn't do, but thought you'd like to see it.

Here's my handiwork:


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jackson is Famous!

Trav was flying to Denver on Wednesday and took a look at the March/April 2007 SkyWest Magazine tucked into the seat in front of him and as he flipped through, lo and behold, Jackson caught his eye! SkyWest did a feature on Ogden and the Union Station, and the Station released this photo I took of the little guy a few years ago. So congrats, Jackson! You're famous! (You can click on the images to make them bigger and easier to see.)



This is the Delta Connection version of the magazine, but they've also got a United Express issue, which Jackson's picture is in too. I've requested copies of each from SkyWest.